Celebrated television and film actor, artist, writer and leading natural wine maker, Gary Conway who starred in the feature films, I Was A Teenage Frankenstein, How to Make a Monster and in TV’s iconic Land of the Giants and Burke’s Law has signed with SLO Talk and will be broadcasting his show, “Renaissance Rap – In The New Land of the Giants” with co-host Sammy Papert, sales dude, researcher, dot-connector, wine maker, high-road-taker and find the best of a situation fellow.

“Our programming on SLO Talk will always be fun, says Conway. But we’ll be out there on every limb making the most vital social and cultural points let alone awareness about our health and wellness for each one of us and especially this society that often seems lost (and definitely wandering in the Land of the Giants).”

Great art, like Van Gogh’s paintings, beloved everywhere in the world, painted, in effect, his backyard and down the street. Great Wine always starts local and at a specific vineyard (not corporatized and industrialized). The two hundred most expensive and renowned wines in the world start local.

Great music, like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, was about his immediate environment and the seasons experienced locally. Greatness starts local.

And Food? My gosh, who would travel anywhere and not zero in on the local chef and restaurant and especially the local foods — whether Paso Robles or Beijing.

In a TV or Radio program how significant it would be to all of our world cultures to start local, inherent, and be faithful to those essentials. People everywhere will respect that instinct, and will find it meaningful and always interesting; and if the programming values are universal and pertinent to all of us and our humanity, every society will find it relevant.”

“Greatness starts local.” – Gary Conway


Gary has become a strong, passionate voice for environmental awareness (and action!), educating the wine consuming public to the new and startling science revealing the threat of most all factory and GMO wines, the evil twins born from our mass-produced chemicalized food behemoths.

He likens this current challenge to his days starring in the world’s number one television show Land of the Giants. “Today, I am fighting for and with the little people, most all of us, against the food and wine industry giants,” Conway emphasizes.

As in Land of the Giants my warning can save lives, even the life of the person reading this.

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