SLO Talk Podcast Studio provides development, production and worldwide distribution with a hyper-local focus and celebrates culture, commerce, and community here on the California Central Coast.

By developing your own podcast, you will create a powerful way to build and promote your business and/or personal brand. This is an exciting platform for business professionals, publishers and speakers to get in front of your target market, establish yourself as an expert in your field and build awareness of your products and services. As a talk show host, you’ll gain access and develop relationships with industry experts and community leaders which may have been difficult to reach in the past. Networking opportunities will abound as you connect with new guests and listeners with each new show you produce.


  • Be recognized and respected as an “expert” in your industry.
  • Powerfully promote your products/services to a highly targeted, hyper-local market.
  • Experience unprecedented access to community leaders, industry professionals and potential clients when you invite them to be a guest on your show.
  • Create and build memorable relationships with key figures in your community and industry with every show you host.
  • Receive distribution of your podcasts to multiple worldwide podcast directories, exponentially expanding your personal brand to a growing global audience.
  • Amass valuable content marketing assets in the form of written transcripts and professionally produced high fidelity podcasts (show recordings) produced in studio by our professional sound engineers.
  • Broadcast your show live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
  • Further extend your reach with pre and post promotions of your show with SLO Talk, your guests and your sponsors posting promotions about your show.
  • Improve your S.E.O. with the numerous reciprocal cross links posted weekly between you, your guests, your sponsors. Google’s search algorithms give priority to sites that consistently post quality “evergreen” content and that have numerous relevant reciprocal links (Fortune Magazine ‘SEO 2017: 8 Crucial Rules For Dominating Google’s Search Results’).


Many business owners understand the importance of SEO [Search Engine Optimization] to increase their Google rankings. Frequent web site content updates are a key factor to building SEO but many business owners find it challenging to create new content in an on-going basis. By hosting a podcast you’ll be generating a phenomenal amount of fresh content with new podcasts, videos and blog posts and reciprocal links. Google loves freshly updated and relevant content as well as the many links you’ll create between, your site and your show guests web sites. The more in-bound links you have to your site, the more Google sees you as a relevant online resource which will help increase your SEO like never before!

Our team will keep your bio page updated, revising your show descriptions, listing upcoming guests, adding photos and more to help build listener interest.

Hosting your own podcast is both fun and exciting and can provide credibility, celebrity and high quality connections. Just imagine the exposure and exponential reach you will amass with hosting your  show.

SLO Talk provides all this and more at an affordable rate. What are you waiting for? CONTACT US TODAY to learn how to start your own show!

Our studio located in Atascadero, California boasts high fidelity audio and multiple high definition pan/tilt/zoom camera video production, supported by a staff of seasoned radio, media and design professionals. We also offer a complementary HOST TRAINING PROGRAM and a staff co-host for your first several shows to quickly get you up to speed on how to run your show, interface with and interview guests.

We’ll design a detailed bio page on including a video of you introducing yourself, describing your expertise and inviting listeners and viewers to tune in to your program.  Both audio and video of each show will be recorded and archived on your bio page on and worldwide podcast directories that can be accessed 24/7 on demand. You’ll also receive these files that you can upload and include on your own web site along with transcription services for your shows that will give you fresh copy each week for updating your blog.

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