Located in Atascadero, California just off Highway 101 at 8838 Morro Road, Suite C, SLO Talk Podcasting Studio offering a beautiful, acoustically-treated space, specializing in recording podcasts, books on tape and music demos.

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We are a group of radio and media professionals who have teamed up to bring professional recording services to San Luis Obispo county for individuals and businesses who want to develop their own podcast series, books on tape or for musicians wishing to make demo recordings.

Photo of James Davis

James Davis

James Davis remembers his interest and passion for radio being stoked while growing up in San Francisco where he enjoyed Top 40 music on KYA & KFRC, and listened to “early Talk-Radio” talk radio on KNBR and KGO. Later on, he listened to KSAN 94.9, a progressive FM rock oriented station that played an eclectic mix of Bay Area and National music, live interviews and concert performances.

While attending college at Cal State Stanislaus University and majoring in organization communication studies, James hosted a college radio station weekend music show, and a also assisted with a central-valley weekly talk radio program.

Since relocating to the Central Coast 15 years ago James has been a frequent guest on local radio programs including the Dave Congalton Show. Over the past 3+ years James has hosted Flash Forward-Flash Back Friday, a local weekly radio program on Estero Bay Community Radio 97.3 FM, featuring current and classic music, live interviews and musical performances, and a spotlight on local community events.

Craig Marshall

Craig’s love of radio and media in general started at a young age. It included being a fan of Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, David Brinkley and others, documenting and memorizing Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 on a regular basis, as well as scanning radio stations from his upstairs bedroom nightly while in headphones. He picked up stations in multiple states and markets, listening to a multitude of sports announcers and jocks, with his favorites including Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, Bill King, Dick Enberg, Lon Simmons and Hot Rod Hundley.

After graduating from San Luis Obispo High School, he attended Cuesta College, where his migration to radio and TV began. Under great instructors like Guy Rathbun and Bob Hartwig, Craig ultimately became the student advisor for the KGUR staff. From there concurrent part time radio jobs began, evolving into Music Director, Program Director and Operation Manager gigs, as well as on-air radio and TV hosting jobs, and voice-over work over the next 25 years, interviewing countless stars, musicians, and more.

Craig started his MarshallofRock.com website some years ago, with platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He has also ran SierraSky Entertainment (named after his two daughters), providing DJ and planning services for weddings, parties and events over the years.

His passions include music of all kinds, sports (including his Raiders, Dodgers, Lakers, Angels, and Kings), spending time with his family, as well as running and working out and being outdoors.

Working with slotalkpodcasting.com brings it full circle for Craig, enabling his passion for creating compelling and entertaining content to continue on a fantastic platform, while connecting with positive personalities and people.


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Sammy Papert and Gary Conway
in the studio recording
“Renaissance Rap – The New Land of the Giants” podcast series.

We are San Luis Obispo’s premier podcasting studio. Conveniently located near the corner of Highway 101 and Highway 41 [Morrow Road], offering professional podcast recording services.

Podcast hosts can invite guests in studio or have guests phone in during a podcast recording. Acoustic panels line the walls providing superb sound dampening — offering the perfect recording environment for spoken word.

Megan Souza and friends recording the “Fresh Harvest” Cannabis podcast series.

Our clients are able to efficiently and affordably create evergreen marketing content, exponentially expand their brand’s exposure and gain unprecedented access to the precise people they aspire to have as connections in their business network.


Experience Networking on Steroids and Create a Wealth of Content Marketing Assets!

Hosting a podcast is an efficient and innovative marketing strategy that is significantly more affordable, more targeted and more effective than conventional advertising models. We offer training with ongoing support and collaborate with you to craft a compelling series of “shows” designed to attract and retain your target audience. Bring guests in studio and/or have them phone in and join the discussion!

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Just “Walk, Talk and Rock”! “Walk” into the studio, “Talk” with your guest for 30-minutes and “Rock” your online content marketing campaigns with a highly-targeted, local-centric demographic coupled with worldwide syndication in major global podcast directories like iTunes.

  • Gain immediate credibility as being an authority in your field.
  • Garner unprecedented access to industry experts, business leaders and local organizations typically difficult to get a meeting with.
  • Create memorable and valuable relationships with the key influencers in your business.
  • Amass a growing digital library of content available worldwide on demand 24/7.
  • Experience exponential exposure in diverse circles of influence.
  • Promote your products/services reaching a highly targeted audience.
  • Be continually discovered by new listeners seeking precisely what you are promoting.
  • Improve S.E.O. by providing Google search-bots/algorithms the type of content they give priority to.

Google gives priority to sites that consistently upload fresh and relevant content, loaded with reciprocal website links and delivered using multiple forms of media like written copy and digital recordings. (See Fortune Magazine ‘SEO 2017: 8 Crucial Rules For Dominating Google’s Search Results’)


Looking for Increased Brand Awareness Locally and Globally?


Consider the benefits of engaging a highly targeted audience when sponsoring a podcast!

  • Sponsor recognition is permanently embedded in the high fidelity audio recordings and occur at the beginning, middle and end of each sponsored program.
  • Sponsor’s brand is consistently marketed by show host and weekly guests’, powerfully gaining sponsor access to multiple circles of influence via social media, postings to blogs and websites and in emailed newsletters.
  • Sponsor’s website receives a growing number of reciprocal links via show host and show guest promotions, improving S.E.O.

Google gives priority to sites that consistently upload fresh and relevant content, loaded with reciprocal website links and delivered using multiple forms of media like written copy and digital recordings. (See Fortune Magazine ‘SEO 2017: 8 Crucial Rules For Dominating Google’s Search Results’)


  • 65% of listeners are more willing to consider purchasing something they learn about through a podcast.
  • 60% of buyers prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on their favorite podcasts.
  • 45% will visit a sponsor’s website after listening to a podcast ad.
  • 60% of podcast listeners want to buy products from podcasts.
  • 45% of podcast audience members will visit a sponsor’s website after listening to a podcast episode where the product was featured.
  • 94% of monthly podcast consumers use social media, vs. 81% of the general U.S. population.
  • 48% of monthly podcast consumers follow companies/brands on social media.
  • Podcast listeners engage more with companies on social sites like Facebook than the average American.
  • 64% of monthly podcast listeners check social media at least “several times a day,” compared to 52% of other Americans.

Edison Research and Triton Digital 2017 Infinite Dial Annual Report and Statistics- The Infinite Dial is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior in America. The annual reports in this series have covered a wide range of digital media and topics since 1998. For 2017, The Infinite Dial tracks and covers new research on mobile behaviors, Internet Radio, Podcasting, Social Media, Smart Speakers and more.

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