Renaissance Rap

The New Land of the Giants
Hosts: Gary Conway and Sammy Papert: Airing Thursdays at 4 p.m. – starting July 20, 2017
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On the first broadcast of Renaissance Rap the stage will be set to establish  the guiding philosophy and creative direction of this Revolutionary Rap Show.  The series embraces the classic theme of the world’s most popular TV show, the iconic “Land of the Giants.”  First guests will be the two gorgeous stars from “Giants” ~ Deanna Lund and Heather Young who’ll bring their upfront and personal points of view of what it was like to combat giants.

Renaissance Rap builds on the “Giants” metaphor with its profound social resonance even back to the influential classic novel “Gulliver’s Travels.”  “Giants” then and now is about the evolving nature of our super state but our shrinking humanity.  Our hierarchical class society, government by elite, class division — more and more — can be viewed through the lens of big and little.  Big business and little.  Small and local; big and international.  Small community; giant corporate.  Big and rich; small and struggling; Lilliputian worker and big boss.

Renaissance Rap draws its strength and sense of purpose from the community… local artists, writers, musicians, winemakers, vineyardists, farmers, chefs, b & b owners, cowboys, all of us… and then reaches out everywhere exploring the challenges that little folks face.  These special communities on the Central Coast are especially attractive to people from everywhere in the world.  Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo portray the picture-perfect community and a populace that appreciates living in a small town.  Could never talk them into big.  Been there, done that.

 All societies end up in class separation and struggle, poor and rich, the weak and the powerful, and giant everything dominates.  Sometimes little people get a brief foot hold and some power, but it’s mostly illusory.  The secret if you are a little person is to somehow still have a life of self worth and love and family.  If the little person is very lucky it can also be a life of artistic pursuits and creative values.  We interview many of them to learn how we can all get lucky.

 We inhabit a “New Land of the Giants” in which the symbolism is more apt and concerning than ever.  The Giants run much of our lives and their hold increases each day especially in this “New Land of the Giants.”  And the troubling part . . . most of us don’t have a clue.  Because they try to look little like us!  Tune in and let’s join forces.

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Geary Whiting’s Voice for the Horse

Maximizing Horse and Human Potential
Airing Tuesdays at 11 a.m. – Starting July 18, 2017

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Topics Geary will cover on his program are Equine and Human Nutrition, Hoof Care Naturally, Equine Performance, How music effects both Horse and Human, Fitness and Conditioning for Horse and Rider, The Emotional Albatross — Its Not What You’re Eating rather, It’s What’s Eating You as well as articles written by Geary

Geary’s Background
  • Fitness and conditioning since 1960
  • Massage since 1981
  • Doctorate in Original Holistic Studies
  • Massage Therapy Hall of Fame 2015
  • Pioneer of Massage Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award in Oriental Medicine
  • Personal trainer to Bob Wieland, Double amputee who walked across America on his arms
  • Trainer to US Olympic Athletes track and field.
  • Pioneered the first of its kind Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider 1998
  • Author: Equine Massage In-Home Study Course
  • Lecturer and motivational speaker

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